Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Space , time and the beauty of life

All the famous physicsts from Newton to Hawking have tried to explain only 4 things
a. Matter
b. Enery
c. Space
d. Time

Even though Physics has been successful in explaining the relationship between a and b , it is still elusive when questioned about c and d.Some of the brightest minds have failed in vain to explain as what space and time is.
Where science fails philosophy comes to our rescue..In Philosophy the answer to this bewildering question of space and time is elegantly simple but hard to realize.The time and space don't exist outside humans.It lies with in human beings.There is no physical space or time.Only psychological space and time.
To understand this concept , Just imagine yourselves to be in a state of no thought, without any fear or hope.Just imagine yourselves to be in that state till you forget that you are in that state.In this state you would be only bothered about that fraction of second(Present).Let us suppose an alien comes and tells you that with in next 10 years aliens would conquer Eath and would decimate all humans.Since In this state of "no thought" you are not carrying any hopes (esp hope of living next 10 years) You won't travel 10 years in your mind to visualize and panic about the future.Since you have not travelled 10 years in your mind you have not created a period of time which is basically a concept called "10 years".Hence you have not created any conceptual time if you don't travel even once in future or past in your mind not just in words or pics but also in subconscious thoughts.It would prove that the time is only psychological caused by your hopes (Future ) and Fear (Past) and not physical.
A counter argument to this could be that " I am seeing sun setting and raising every day.I see myself getting grey hair.My daugther has grown.How do I explain these if I have not created any time? " .All these phenomenon are just the change in properties of the objects and that is the only way to view them.But we force ourselves to see these phenonmenon in tandem with time because for all the phenonmenon that we are undergoing in our life we provide subjective treatment which in turn leads us to view them in terms of hope or fear w.r.t "ME".

If we realise this how beautiful are things in the world.You are very objective without any hope or fear when you view things.
The trees , their leaves and their veins,the rivers, the humans, their riches and poverty ,their desires etc Everything is so beautiful.I am going to live my life like that .Are you game to it?

Today's Question:
There is always a first mover.Let us say some thing is moved by something else and that in turn is moved by some thing else.There must be one mover who would have started it all by moving some thing.So who moved the first mover as there is nothing before it?Or the 1st mover is always still.Do you see any relationship to your thoughts?