Monday, February 27, 2006

A hot day

Yesterday MK and I were discusssing about various things till 4:00 am right from anti sementism to some thing as mundane as finding a right girl for marriage.MK also aspires to become a politician to bring about the change he desires just like me.In the deepest recesses of my heart i have always harboured desire to become a politician right from my childhoood.How innocent we were as children is it not?I woke up with a great deal of difficulty in the morning and watered my plants.Plants are a wonderful thing to have in one's bed room.They give u a glimpse of this vast creation right in your bedroom.They always seem to tell you that the most precious joy is the one that is the most innocent and child like.Just imagine yourselves deeply rooted to a single place ,unable to walk or talk..Would you be able to repose an absoulte faith on the nature that your needs will be taken care of.I stood in front of my mirror and asked me ,if it were to be the last day of my life would I be doing what I was going to do today..I have adopted this particular habit of steve jobs in my life also..I decided that I would internally pursue what I liked the most .
Yesterday I saw a fabulous book "Philosophical problems" in the library .I could n't take the book yesterday on loan.The book had so huge an impact on me that I was reading about the ideas in the book in between my work in the net.As soon as I was done with my work I rushed to the library to get the book.But unfortunately It was a reference copy not to be takeen out on loan.

I pose a good problem that I read in that book here.Any body who solves this problem can call themselves "George berkeley " of their so & so region.George berkely is a very famous poet ,philosopher who proved that the quality of ideas and sensations won't exist if there are no thoughts.(sound familiar to hindus is it not).Berkeley in CA is named after him

The problem is as below

Imagine there is an infinitely long chain gravitating towards earth from heaven.It is hanging out of its own free will.Several rings are connected to make this chain.The question is whether the last ring is held by the last but one ring or the 1st ring.After answering the question,Just substitute rings with thoughts in this analogy and does it imply anything?


Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

My dear friend Muthu,
Welcome to blogging.. I am very happy that u have started blogging and I have let my good old friends know abt it :)..

Ok I shall solve the problem and call myself George Berkeley or whatever after I come from my meeting which is scheduled to happen in another 20 mins..I am in a bit a sad mood today - but will respond to ur post properly :)..

But u better reply to comments!!

2:53 AM  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Btw who the heck is MK? I am getting jealous!! Muthu is my friend and only my friend!! No one else!! U better tell MK this!

2:58 AM  
Blogger Parvati said...

Lots of sweet things in this post of yours.
.Want to become a politician, that too both you and your friend?!!!! Quite shockingly pleasant to hear this on the blogs. I see only engineers ALL the time. For that matter, in the real world too, I havent ever seen anyone who has such an ambition in life. All the best for it..

.your plants: I too love plants and their quiet and calm and the way despite their lowlying attitude they are the life giving source in the whole ecosystem and the food chain.

. Hope you get the book soon :)

. Every link in the chain needs the ones before it surely, to stay on in the whole chain?

9:32 AM  
Blogger zeno's paradox said...

Hi Arjuna thanks a lot ..Don't at all feel sad..Just enjoy..Can I now call u berkeley of leeds

10:04 AM  
Blogger zeno's paradox said...

Hey Arjuna,
MK is my roomie..He is around 35...Nevertheless it goes without saying that u would be always my good friend totally irreplaceable.

10:13 AM  
Blogger zeno's paradox said...

Hi Parvathy
Thanks a lot for your wishes I guess I am still not equipped to become a politician..I totally agree to what u say abt the plants.
w.r.t the problem I had mentioned they are mostly philosophical.The objective of these problems is to give a new dimension and realization about certain things.You canchew on these problems any way u like because the perfect answer to these problems is definitely not provable and this I can prove

Catch u soon and enjoy

10:16 AM  

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